Injections: not as fun as it appears on YouTube

October 26, 2007 conceivingisbelieving

In this IF world things are either really slow or really fast. After meeting with my doctor last week, I’m suddenly on injections. It’s called monogen here which is like menopur in the US. I wasn’t sure what she was going to tell us when we insisted we needed to be more aggressive. Even after all my googling, I was surprised to be receiving IVF drugs when we were not actually doing IVF. Then I freaked out when I saw the potential side effects. B was really annoyed that the only one our doctor chose to mention was the risk of multiple births. I had to pull myself away from the computer so I’d be able to sleep at night.

In any case, the medical system here leaves much to be desired as everyone is covered by national health insurance. For any serious medical issues, you have to see a private doctor which means you pay out of pocket. The only problem is when your private doctor writes you a prescription. You then need to take said prescription to a doctor within your health fund so that he/she can write a new prescription. Usually it’s not a problem. I have a system down pat which includes an awesome family doctor and my office’s fax machine. Except when dealing with a fertility drug. In order to get the pharmacy to hand it over a ‘special’ doctor who took a special course has to write out the prescription. I ended up trusting my life to the secretaries at the health fund who amazingly lost all my information which my private doctor had so thoughtfully written up. After a few days of going down there and crying, my information miraculously appeared only for them to tell me I was waiting for the wrong doctor. I ended up running from one office to another, begging secretaries to help with my fertility issues not caring who was listening in, all the while desperately trying not to cry. Also, because I live in Israel, I was doing all of this in Hebrew – a language I haven’t exactly mastered. At the end I managed to get the medicine and save the cycle although my success was somewhat marred with the very real pain in my ass after the shots. Today was my fourth day of shots and I have to force myself not to walk around clutching my bottom.

I’m drained, broken and disheartened. Tears threaten to burst at any given moment, I’m always ready to take a nap and B is going to the UK next week for business. I went from someone who never took any medication (besides advil for pms cramps, but they’re really like m&ms) to someone with an entire medical regimen. I take 10 drops of my homeopathic remedy in water every morning. After breakfast I scarf all my vitamins and Glucophage. At dinner I have another Glucophage. I’ve been  getting a shot in the tush in the morning before work and pretty soon I’ll be shoving progesterone up my bajingo. All the while being voilated by ultrasound wands. I also just made an apointment to meet with a Chinese doctor. What was I thinking? I know what I was thinking, that someone somewhere has a magical pill to help me. Part of me thinks that all of these treatments are getting in the way of each other and I should just wipe the slate clean and start over.

I went the supermarket today and on my way there I stopped in a bookstore which sells a pathetic selection of English books. I was kind of out of it and patting my aching butt when I saw Melissa’s (of the Town Criers) book club book of the month. As I lunged for the book, my mind was in total disbelief and happiness. I usually like to keep my fiction far away from my reality but right now I just need someone who understands.


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  • 1. babystep  |  October 26, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry you are feeling so down. Are you doing injectables but a “natural” cycle? I have also been stressed out about all the side-effects of my meds. FSH can cause Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome which is scaring the shit out of me! Hang in there.

  • 2. Lori  |  October 31, 2007 at 1:18 am

    So sorry you’re in this “club” 😦 but I’m glad you found Mel and the rest of us :-).

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