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Top ten signs AF is on the way

10. I can play connect-the-dots with my cluster of zits that have settled nicely on my chin.

9. I have to wear my fat pants to fit over my bloated belly.

8. Someone accidentally brushed by my right boob and it felt like a mamogram. (I haven’t actually ever had one of those but apparently they hurt like hell.)

7. In addition to hurting, I’m getting “double boob” where my breasts start coming out the tops of my bra.

6. I started crying in the first three minutes of “Extreme Makover: Home Edition”. I usually save my hiccuping cries until the end but last night all it took was the opening credits. (The husband was blind and the nicest guy ever!)

5. I’ve been experiencing major hot flashes. Granted I live in the Middle East where there is a massive heat wave at the moment and granted I have no air conditioning at home but still! I know my hot flashes. 

4. I did two loads of laundry and hung up most of my clothes last night. For me this constitutes a cleaning spree. This isn’t usually one of my pms symptoms but it is for my best friend whom I lived with for years. She was just in for a visit and I believe that’s what caused the transference of this to me.

3. I am eating potato chips, pickles and twix bars at an alarming rate. These sweet and salty cravings are taking over my life.

2. I quit shoving those progesterone suppositories inside of me (which were delaying the inevitable flow) because…

1. My beta HCG from Sunday was zero.

I really cried hard at that one. I found out around 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon while at work. It was really hard to keep the tears in all day. If I wasn’t thinking about holding them back, my eyes would start to tear up without warning. Finally, at the end of a really long, draining day I made my way home and as soon as my key unlocked my apartment door it triggered a major waterfall. I’ve had cries where I’ve felt I was pitying myself or ones where I tried to talk myself out of it, but this was just crying with total abandon. It was a far better expression of my feelings than I could have done with words. The thought of blogging what I was feeling couldn’t come close what my tired, messy, hot, and sad tears could do.

And yet, today is Thursday and I’m trucking. I spoke to the Dr. today who seemed genuinely surprised that the IUI didn’t work. We agreed to try again with the IUI next month but since I’ll be in the States for a visit we may miss the all important ovulation time. There’s always the chance we could just “go natural” and have it work but I think I’m too cynical to believe that’s a real possibility.


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