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Raise your hand if you’re pregnant

That’s what I would like to say to everyone in my life right now. Just so I can know and prepare myself for the inevitable when someone opens their mouth and tells me their great news. And it is great. I don’t begrudge anyone a baby bump. Not even my sister who will find out tomorrow if this month worked for her. I would just like not to be surprised, as I feel I constantly am, by news of the next person I know getting bitten by the pregnancy bug.

Did I mention my sister-in-law is also expecting? I have sort of adopted her pregnancy as my own even going so far as to accompany her to her ultrasound appointment. I’m trying not to be a scary stalker and luckily she’s very understanding and super supportive. I’m happy to be involved instead of being the ostracized, infertile relative that I am. Ok, no pity parties just yet.

I have succumbed to the irresistable urge of googling my medical issues. Today I read all about the side effects of Clomid including Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), which I have conveniently diagnosed myself with. Some of the symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhea which I have been experiencing like crazy today. As a side note, I happen to be wearing control top tights which are cutting off my circulation and may be contributing to my gastro situation.

I also found out about having a PCT (post-coital test) which I will have to do next cycle to see if my cervical mucus is giving the spermies a hard time getting where they need to go. The great thing is that I have quickly have sex 2-12 hours beforehand and then make sure I’m ovulating during the test. It sounds like too much coordination for me.

 The worst thing I read today is that when people have success with Clomid it usually happens within the first 3 cycles. Right now I’m in my 3rd cycle. My history, so far, has been far from “usual” so I’m not expecting to finally become mainstream. I am worried, however, as to what that will mean for future cycles. I know there’s a life of IUIs and IVFs out there, but right now they seem so far away. The thought of getting to that point seems fraught with bad news and more tests, both things I would like to stay away from.

I guess anxious would be the best description of my mood right now. I keep wishing I could inject some botox into the furrow of my brow to smooth it out. Instead, I’ve been opting for the home remedy of periodically forcing myself to look surprised. I’m not sure who this is helping but at least it distracts me from going online.

To sum up, my life right now consists of staring at the midsection of all women who cross my path and clicking my way to bad news whenever I’m in front of a computer. Did I mention I sit at a computer 8 hours a day? Goodtimes.


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